Sunday, April 26, 2015

She's so funny

I showed Granddaughter #1 my post with her pictures.  She said, "Why is my hair always in my face?"  Hello.  Isn't that what I've been saying.

Too funny.

Weekend Visit

This morning we planted seeds.

Hopefully some will grow after she takes the pot home.  She loves to water so they may drown before they grow.

Came inside for cereal and a banana and we're watching......

Magic School Bus.

If I haven't responded to your blog in a long time 
just know it's because I'm way behind on my reading.  
I'm going to try to catch up this weekend in between fun times.

Be talking to you soon.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Decluttering follow-up

Confession is good for the soul, so as soon as I finished the last post, I went in to see exactly what those items were that lay hidden under the clothes I actually did wear.

( Photo doesn't have anything to do with this post 
except for the baby clothes I have stashed in my drawer - 
when he was just this size)

First, I pulled out all those shirts and short that had been retained as yard work clothes.  Most were actually in very good condition so I bagged them for the thrift shop and walked them to the car.

I find I have to actually carry something to the car while I am on a roll or it doesn't make it to the thrift shop.  If it only gets as far as the backyard - usually ends up in garbage.  If it makes it to the garage it will live there until the next major garage clean up.  And I do like a clean garage so I try not to hoard stuff in there.

I also pulled out two winter night gowns and two sweat pants and put them in the winter clothes container.  Now my drawers were really looking empty.

I did not pack up the jogging bra, slip or grandson's baby clothes.  I guess they represent something to me that I keep holding on to, aside from the grandson, of course.  But I'll be darned if I know what.  Anyhow, I'm feeling pretty proud.

Now if someone would just tell me how to keep the dust and dog dander out of the air. I run two of those Holmes air cleaners from time to time and I can really tell the difference when I close off a room, but I want one of those big daddy suck all the air out of the room, filter it and return it to me clean.  Any suggestions?

Decluttering the Mondo way

Gwen from The Sunny Coconut and I were swapping tales about getting rid of stuff and she posted a link to a good article from Houzz about tidying up.

The article discusses Marie Kondo's book, the life-changing magic of tidying up.  I'm sure many of you have heard about it and/or read it.  I read it and although I really liked her approach, I couldn't always follow her rules.  I couldn't start with taking all of my clothes - closets, drawers, and boxes under the bed - and going through the whole lot to limit my clothing to only what I love.

Instead, I started with my pots and pans.  I don't love cooking.  I don't entertain anymore.  And, in general, pots and pans are just a necessity.  I got rid of as many as I could.  Still had to many left.  But I felt better.  The number of pots and pans left would easily fit on my kitchen trolley so I deemed it good enough.

Since I had less attachment to pots and pans, that was a good starting place for me.  I cleaned the bathroom pantry and got rid of a few dozen articles but there wasn't really a lot because I don't collect beauty products or hair products anymore.  My makeup is contained in a plastic organizer and the few hair products I use last forever because I have short hair and it doesn't take but a dab. I'm sure if I went by how long I've had an item I could have gotten rid of a lot more but I need some jewelers glasses to see the small print before I can do that.
I went through the linens and put a few in the rag pile but again, I only keep a few sets of sheets since its just me and my bed.  I actually wouldn't mind having one set and washing them each week until they fell apart but I'm thinking that some of those sheets will make a good tepee for the grandgirls in the backyard.

Knick knacks were packed up or donated.  A few were gifts from the kids or grandkids and I wanted to think on certain ones before I let go.  I think one plastic box of beloved knick knacks in the garage is not to much.

Books.  That was hard but I took them to the local thrift.  I knew they would go to someone else to love.  I might add, that I have only one small bookshelf in my very small apartment.  That helps make decisions easier, but I truth is I have been moving into smaller and smaller homes since the kids flew the nest so I have downsized books with each move which made it easier than one big clean out.

Because my closets are so small, I have to put away the winter items in containers each year.  I've considered those zippered shelving units for the garage but that just hasn't come up on the to-do list yet.

So, we're back to clothes.  As I told you yesterday, I'm down to a dozen pieces of clothing I wear often.  Yet still there are items under those pieces that I do not wear.  A jogging bra?  When was the last time I jogged?  A slip?  I only have one dress left and it is very structured and does not require a slip.  A bathing suit?  I keep thinking I'll need one for family vacations.  I know I've packed it, but I can't remember pulling it out in a very long.... well I just can't remember the last time. I know there are some little bitty panties in there.  I don't know if they would fit but since going to high waist, high leg cut panties, I've never gone back.  So they should go along with any ratty bras that may be buried back there.

I know there is a diaper and tie-dyed t-shirt  my grandson, who is 15, wore as a baby.  Ok, sentimental value saved them from the garbage pit.

There are a couple of shirts and shorts designated as yard-work attire, but I haven't pulled them out for yard-work so they really need to go.

I have four pairs of slacks left from my working days.  I haven't tried them on and don't know if they'll fit.  They fall into that famous "I Might Need Them Someday" category.

Mondo's theory about starting with clothes because we are less attached and can get into the downsizing spirit didn't work for me but by altering it to the kitchen I was able to build a head of steam that mostly worked for me.

Now that Granddaughter #1 has found the delights of staying for several nights in a row, I really should give her her own drawer.  Maybe this article will motivate me.  I'll let you know.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How true is this?

Mimi at 247 Mulberry Lane had this cartoon on an older post.  I just love it.  I've really had to retrain myself not to save work outfits on Pinterest since I've retired. And don't even tell me you don't do Pinterest because I don't want to be the one to lead you down the path to addiction.

My retirement wardrobe consists of four nice shorts (chunked most of the old ones I wore around the house on weekends, but saved a couple for yard work), two pairs of mid-calf jean and four pairs of long jeans (everything with elastic waist of course).  I had shirts but donated the fancier work shirts then I bought four rayon short sleeve shirts for a nice casual, but not dressy, to run to the store, etc.

It will be a while before I go through the t-shirts I have on stock but if that hole in my lip gets any larger, stains may cause the majority to go by the wayside.

I kept one dress for weddings and funerals but would like to replace it with something less structured.  My body has gotten soft and wiggly and fitted clothes just don't look that great on me anymore.

I've still got way more shoes than I need and I have donated the ones that are less comfortable because I still wear one pair of my slides most days.  What I really hate is that I have to wear socks now all the time.  Oh, I do like socks, but not with slides/mules.  My feet, like my body, don't like the structure of a good pair of tennis shoes anymore.

After that little foot scare I had, the foot doctor told me the slides were perfect for protecting my foot (being diabetic, I now have to baby my feet) but to always wear socks.

Ok so now I feel like the old man wearing sandals and dress socks.  I complain to my friends and the say it doesn't matter, it doesn't look stupid, but I feel it sometimes.

Which circles back to the pinning clothes on Pinterest I don't need because I won't wear them in my current four pairs of shorts life.

Well, the truth is I have a lot more clothes than I've just admitted to - I should have said those are the clothes I actually wear.  I am planning to empty more items out of my drawers but first I have to fill up any empty drawer space with new items on Pinterest.  Vicious circle.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Squirrel Making Noise

Kimberly at Nutbrown Cottage sent me this link to help identify that pitiful squawking I was hearing.  For all of you who voted that it was a squirrel sound, I think you were right.

I was all ready to play the tape when I heard the cries today but, of course, no cries.  So I'm just going with the belief that it was a squirrel.  Much better than worrying about a baby bird or injured bird.

When I get anal about something I often go to far.  I wouldn't say I went to far last night but I did listen and watch some of the most interesting animal videos on YouTube.

There are about 800,000 kinds of wolves and they all have a different call.  There were other animals I've never even heard of that were distantly related to other animals I have never seen.  And all that was not even counting the bird videos I didn't watch - except for the owls.

I'm sure we have owls down here but I've never heard one in my yard.  I don't think I would appreciate any kind of bird that preferred to make their noise at night, but it was very, very interesting.

All you Grans out there, watching animal sounds might be a fun adventure for a rainy afternoon.  Grand Daughter #1 loves to feed my birds and runs inside to tell me when one is in the yard.  Of course, all the noise she makes scares them off but I think this is something I'll save for one of those  "I don't have anything to do" afternoons.

I hear the little birds outside and its nice to have them back.  I did hear a male cardinal at the feeder the last two days when everyone else seemed to be missing. I wonder if male cardinals prefer solitary feeding.  I see the female cardinal come with the little birds but this is the first time I've seen the larger male in quite a while.

That's what I love about retirement.  You have time for the little things that you often miss or just don't have time to appreciate in the hurry, hurry world of work and parenthood.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Continuing Bird Saga

Yesterday I told you the story of the wailing bird.  It was finally quiet and I thought it had died or flown away because I didn't hear its cry the rest of the day.

This morning I heard it again.  I looked around and didn't see anything.  There was a squirrel frozen in place but it wasn't making any noises.  I didn't see any birds or cats or urban wildlife.  I listened again to its crying.  The sound was longer than a normal bird twitter and louder, I thought.  It sounded almost like a seagull swooping down on the beach.  Although Galveston is an hour in another direction, I was pretty sure it wasn't a seagull.

Then I heard my neighbor (male) speaking and he said "Go on.  Get out of here." I couldn't see him over the fence and since I still had my nightgown on, I didn't holler out to him.

I intend to ask him when I see him but it is driving me crazy not knowing.  I live in an older part of the city with lots of trees, birds, dog, cats, raccoons, possums and I don't know what else.

Can you think of anything that sounds somewhat like a seagull that might have been in my neighbors yard?

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Birds were right.

This is a picture from my friend who lives in Tomball, Texas.  Tomball is about an hour down the road.  As you can see, that is some big hail.  I only got some light rain.

The birds have't really been back today.  I heard a lot of squawking this morning and when outside to see.  There was a cat sitting on the fence.  The cats use the fence as a walk through all the time.  There at least six cats I'll see on the fence from time to time and only one of them belongs to the house next door.  My cat is to old and fat to get on the fence.  I have no idea where they are going when they cross the fence.

Anyway, I heard all this ruckus and my first thought after I saw the cat on the fence was that a baby bird or injured bird had fallen.  I went out to see if it was in my flower bed but whatever was happening was on the other side of the fence. There was a second bird squawking also like a mother or a mate.  I tried to make noises and shoo the cat away but I couldn't really see him through the fence slats so I don't know if it worked.
Eventually the noise stopped so either the cat got the bird or it flew away.  I'm hoping for the later.

Missing the bird noises.  Wish they'd come back.  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weather Alerts

There have been weather alerts flashing across the TV all day long.  Since I watch so many recorded programs, I had to make sure it was a live warning and not a warning meant for last week some time.  It was for today.

Last night I bought a new bucket of food for the little birds but didn't fill their feeders until this morning.  I also threw out the sunflower seeds for the bigger birds and doves.  Usually the bird will show up within 30 minutes as if they could hear the bucket rattling from where they were.

I took a bag of garbage out to the can about an hour later and realized there were no birds - large or small.  There was a very ominous quiet settled over the neighborhood.  No bird noises, no dogs, no children playing.

I assume the birds must be hunkered down for the approaching storm.  They have not feed at all today so I have a feeling it will be a big storm.  Luckily I have several books and books on CD to entertain me.  I hope the electricity doesn't go out.  We'll see what happens.

If there is no big storm, I'm not trusting those little birds again!!