Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Attention Grandparents: Nature Project to Make with the Grandkids

One of the blogs I follow closely is The Artful Parent.  Jean and her children make amazing crafts.  Jean has also published a couple of books about crafting that I would love to have.  

This post, An Easy Flower Suncatcher, is just right for Granddaughter #1.  She loves to pick flowers and leaves as well as sticks and stones.  We'll start with a collage and work our way to the little flower figures Jean shows on the blog.  

There are instructions and details on her post for the whole project and supplies. 

I can't wait for the next visit.  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A lovely day with the Granddaughters

I had a lovely day with my Granddaughters.  My daughter and I drove across town to Son's house, almost an hour away, to pick them up and bring them back to my house.  This was the first time Granddaughter #2 was really mobile enough to go up and down the stairs at my house.  She thought it was such fun.  We must have done it a dozen times.  My knees will probably be out for a week.

When we first got to the Son's house, my Daughter took Grandson #1 to run an errand and the girls and I watched TV and waited for them to get back. Grandson #2 had been in the back room and came out to see what we were doing.  The three of us girls were sitting on the couch watching Goosebumps on Netflix. Grandson #2 came in and saw what was on the tv and asked Granddaughter #1 why she was always watching Goosebumps.  She said because Nana likes it. Worse thing is, I do.  I watched it with Grandson #1 when he was young and I'll watch it with this generation.

There are no pictures from the visit.  It was like a swarm of bees were flying around the house.  The girls never sat still long enough for a picture.  The memories will be enough. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Double Granddaughter Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow both Granddaughter are coming over while Mom and Dad have plans.  It won't be for long - they say.  If one granddaughter takes me three days to recover, what havoc do you think two granddaughters will cause.  It may be a while before you hear from me again.  LOL.  I can't wait.

And in keeping with the Grandmother theme, I read the sweetest, most wonderful post at AnyShinyThing.com.  I'm not going to tell you about it, I'll save all the sweetness for you to discover.  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Movie Alert - Shirley Valentine is on Netflix

For those of you who loved this movie and haven't seen it since its release in 1989, I just found it on my Netflix streaming.

I'm not necessarily recommending this movie to those who haven't seen it.  It is the coming of age story of a woman who has been married 20+ years, her children are out of the house and she feels like no one appreciates her or would miss her if she were gone.
It is sad in it's own way because many of us middle-aged married people might have felt this way a time or two.  You might have a different point of reference if you are in a good marriage and place in your life.

The scenery is beautiful, the acting is crazy (at times because she talks to you or the walls as she calls it), and the plot is middle age crazy times.  I may make it sound like a sad drama but it is one of those crazy English comedies.  That is why I'm letting you make your own choice.

If you're a Netflix subscriber and a Shirley Valentine cult follower - your day has come.

Test results are in.

I got a call from the Nurse this morning.  All the tests were good except the blood sugar, which was no surprise.  However, even though my number was high, it was the same number as the A1C taken this summer.  That means it has not gotten worse (Glass Half Full) but the insulin is not bringing it down (Glass Half Empty).  She's sending me to an endocrinologist which is good since they are the blood disease specialists.

I'll confess that I went on a real sugar binge before I saw her.  I know it was stupid but I was stressed.  Diabetes is affected by stress and, for me, being stressed or overly tired, brings on the sugar cravings.

I don't think the endocrinologist will cause any stress since I now know my sugar is not getting worse, just not better.  The dog will get a lot of walking (good for sugar burning) before seeing the specialist and I'll try to eat well and see what he can do to help me.

And let's don't even talk about my knees.  She didn't ask and I didn't tell.....

One body part at a time.  Right?

Yeah. I'm Healthier than I thought - so far.

Thanks to Medicare I've started a new round of doctor appointments.  I looked through the book of doctors who take Medicare and picked out a new internist. Monday I had my first appointment.  I hate going to new doctors and starting all over with my medical history but I did it because as a diabetic I have to keep this monitored.  I had no idea if I would like this woman - I picked a female physician.  I had no idea how long she would keep her patients waiting, etc., etc.

She didn't keep me waiting long.  She was very nice and understood that I just wanted to start at the top and work our way to my toes.  She ran the first set of tests and look/feels and everything seemed to go pretty well.  Some results won't be back until next week when I go to get the chest x-ray, bone density, mamo and whatever else she can think of.

I went to a stranger, no recommendation from any others and I just didn't know what I would find.  She had a very nice office, quiet and dignified, and she was everything I had hoped for.  Intelligent, informative, comforting and really seemed to want to give me a home to come back to.  Score One for my team.

Then Wednesday I went to the eye doctor/surgeon.  Again, picked a name out of the book.  Another female.  I really liked her.  She confirmed my cataract, which I already knew I had and said that I had no problem with my eyes from the diabetes.  I did find out that I had a cataract in the right eye also, which I didn't know.  She said the left eye is so bad I didn't realize how bad the right eye was.  She also said that after they fixed the left eye I would be so happy that I'd be more than ready to do the right.  So I am encouraged.  I go back on June 25 for a pre-surgery meeting.

They are still plenty of reports to come back that can be on the not so great side, but I am encouraged.  I will be glad to get the rest of the tests and all the results back.  Yeah.  I was dreading this for so long, and it's looking good for the home team.  I can't tell you how relieved I am.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Libraries. Are they Outdated?

My friends at Sightings Over Sixty have a conversation going about libraries. You know I am constantly blogging about a book I picked up from the library or something else having to do with the advantages of our library system.  Some of you may not agree with the need to support and grow our libraries.  If you'd like to voice your opinion, and I'd like to hear it, click on the link above and leave your comment there or here.

By the way, I was at the new doctor's office on Monday and go to the new eye doctor today.  All new doctors via my new Medicare policy.  I'll give you a nice report as soon as I recover.  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

photo via 7-Themes

We no longer have lightning bugs.  Our bees are endangered.  I guess it will only be a short time before our beautiful little butterflies have disappeared.  

I was reading a post at Premeditated Leftovers on butterflies and realized she had several easy and frugal ways to help keep our butterflies around.  I won't go into detail but here are her links:  

Thanks Alea for sharing these easy and frugal ideas.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

You'll Bust a Gut Watching This One


My brain is still numb today so I don't have a lot of thoughts to share.  Instead, I have been blog hopping. Blogs are like a box of chocolate candy.  Each one you open is different.  Each one fills your soul with a different type of filling.  Some blogs are so polished, so professional, so well thought out and well written. Others, like mine, are more of a journal entry - just a little slice of someone's life.
I've always been a visual person.  I love all the pictures.  Yes, they often cause me angst because I want to run out, rip up my flower beds and start all over like the one I've seen.  I know that I will never be completely satisfied with my yard. That is ok.  It's just a canvas I'll never finish and a project I'll always love.

I've always been an arm chair traveler.  I've never traveled much.  Plenty of family vacations when the kids were little.  A few yearly vacations as an adult with my daughter and her husband - where to - mostly art museums.  Again, visual.  So I love the pictures of places foreign to me - home and abroad.

I've always been a reader.  I think I would really have loved the internet back in the 70s when my kids were little and I only had a bit of time here and there. Now, since my retirement, I have lots of time and I can't think of any better way to spend it than reading.  A day, an hour or all night.  It's my choice.  However, daily chores must be done so sitting down with a cup of coffee and a few minutes shared on the web before chores is a wonderful way to start the day.

I've always been a researcher.  Back before the internet, I might have checked out six books on a subject - let's just say how to recover a chair - in order to get all the information and, visual again, photo instructions.  Now I can be an (arm) chair expert in minutes.  I may not recover that chair, but just knowing I  have the information if I wanted to - priceless, as they say.

Well, I guess I did have a little bit of something to say.  Nothing important, just sharing my appreciation for all the blogs you post and all the thoughts you share. Bloggers make my circle of friends wider and my world larger.  That's a good thing.